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Introducing PolkaStation(POLKAS)…..

Polkastation — A One Stop IDO/INO/IGO ,Metaverse and Multiple DeFi protocols.
PolkaStation SmartContract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x81402bDf885a930cCf2175B66FBd435486b33f69
Polkastation combines various DeFi protocols, NFT minting, and marketplace with the Polkadot framework as its base. Though early blockchains serve the purpose of deploying decentralized applications, there are limitations like lack of run-time specialization and limited throughput. Polkastation wants to deliver a cutting-edge project in the blockchain space and thus chooses Polkadot, bridging multiple specialized chains into one sharded network. Polkadot offers the best returns in the market through various products. As these decentralized applications are deployed on Polkastation’s own blockchains, they have enhanced stability.
Polkastation’s swap allows the instant exchange of two non-native tokens of two different blockchain protocols without any centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead, the operations are decentralized, fueled by smart contracts. Polkastation’s swap also allows the users to add liquidity to pools. You can add your POLKA tokens to the liquidity pools in return for LP tokens. These LP tokens represent your contribution to the addition of liquidity, and you will be rewarded accordingly.
Polkastation has an entire NFT ecosystem that facilitates the users to mint their artworks into NFTs, display them in their creator profiles, and make money by selling them on the NFT marketplace. One must need an artist account to create and sell NFTs in the Polkastation NFT marketplace. When a buyer makes an auction to buy your NFTs, the order will be stacked in the order book and executed. With Polkastation, your NFTs need not sit idle in the wallets. Polkastaion allows users to attach their NFTs to the NFT staking protocol in exchange for staking rewards. So, you can earn extra rewards for your NFTs while you still remain the owner.
The Polkastation AMM engine eliminates the need for intermediaries to carry out trades with the help of farms. Instead, the liquidity providers add LP tokens to the investment pools and get rewarded through yield farming. To enhance liquidity and make an asset a lucrative trade, Polkastation holds the investors’ funds. The period when a liquidity provider waits for the asset’s price to go up is yield farming.
Polkastation’s IDO staking pool is the easiest way of earning more POLKAS tokens. Two different pools allow you to stake POLKAS and earn POLKAS in return. The first POLKAS-POLKAS pool has a locking period of 30 days and offers an APR of 30%, while the second pool has a threshold lock-in of 60 days and a 50% APR.
Polkastation offers two different fundraising mechanisms, the INO and IDO. Initial NFT Offerings helps projects with innovative ideas to reach a broader and up-to-date web3 community. It helps the projects raise funds with seamless access to instant liquidity before they are functional in the market. The projects can run IDO on Polkastation after the vetting schedule process. They can offer their project tokens for a fixed price, and Polkastation allows users to lock their funds in return for the tokens. Polkastation then distributes the tokens to the investors with the help of smart contracts during the token generation event (TGE).
With hundreds of yield farms on the market daily, keeping track of the best-performing ones is tedious. If so, we can track a few; they are not accessible from a single point. To solve this problem, Polkstation has developed a Yield Aggregator to collate multiple best-performing farms in a single place. Polkastation hunts for yield optimization and secures farms in the market to help its community members maximize the yield.
Walk-To-Earn Projects (Coming Soon)
The traditional games allowed the developers/owners to cash in while the players only had to engage in gaming. Polkastation’s M2E is really about the ownership shift towards the gamers. The gamers, in addition to enjoying a realistic gaming experience, can get hold of monetary benefits as well. Polkastation allows gamers to monetize real-life events like walking or going to the office without any dedicated screen time for gaming.
Blockchain (Coming Soon)
Polkastation blockchain is revolutionizing as it consumes only a fraction of energy compared to conventional PoS blockchains. So, what makes the difference? First, Polkastation blockchain is fueled by a nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus mechanism. Second, Polkastation has a shallow carbon footprint, as the blockchains on the Polkadot network consume the equivalent of ~6.6 US households’ energy per year.
The Future of Web3
With tons of projects in the web3 space, Polkstation remains the pioneer in the high-return yielding DeFi and NFT protocols. Polkastation is not just a platform but an ecosystem of game-changing products, enhancing the lives of community members. So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to become a part of Polkastation’s evergreen community. Visit Polkastation.finance now.
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